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Education and research

Translations within the fields of education and research

Few areas place greater demands on their texts than those within the fields of education and research. These domains make ample use of technical terms and it is absolutely critical that language and terminology are clear and correct in order to eliminate the risk of misunderstandings and inaccuracies. Our translators have many years of experience in translating both scientific texts and texts from the field of education – all with the right language and the correct terminology.

The latest technology ensures consistent texts

All our translators use the latest translation technology when translating your texts. This not only guarantees the use of the correct terms, but makes sure that they are deployed consistently throughout the text. This helps ensure accuracy and avoid misunderstandings. We understand just how important this is, particularly within the domain of science where it is the details that often convey the core message of a text.

Get your translation reviewed by a professional proofreader

Once your text has been completed by the translator, you will then have the option to submit it to an additional inspection and review by a second linguist. You can choose this service when you place your order. We work with proofreaders who have many years of experience working with texts from the fields of education and science. They will make sure that all language and terminology are correct and consistent, and that the final product meets the expectations set both by you and by the target readership. Having your translator reviewed by a professional proofreader helps ensure the highest level of quality. If you are unsure whether this service is pertinent for you and your text, then contact us today!

Among other things, we have experience with the following types of texts within the fields of science and education: textbooks, scientific articles, reviews of scientific texts, scientific abstracts and more.

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