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Banking and finance

Economic translations for the banking and finance sector

When translating financial texts, it is crucial that the translation is written by experts with knowledge of finance and economics in order to ensure correct terminology. We work with translators who possess years of experience in the financial sector, so you can rest assured that our translations use the appropriate language and terminology.

Modern translation technology guarantees consistency

The translation technology we use not only ensures correct terminology in the text, but it also makes sure that this terminology is consistent across all the translations you order from us. This allows us to guarantee that key terms are kept the same across texts and that unnecessary misunderstandings are avoided. Your desired terminology will be deployed consistently across all translations to ensure your message is clearly conveyed.

Get your translation proofread an extra time before delivery

Here at Diction, we not only use modern translation technologies, but we also make sure that your text is translated by an industry expert. We understand the importance of offering high-quality translations that not only live up to your own standards, but also to those of your clients and partners. Once your text has been translated, it can then be forwarded to a hand-picked proofreader from our team for an additional review. They will make sure that the right terms are used and that the language is correct. Selecting this option means your text will be reviewed both by the translator and by a second linguist. Contact us today to find out whether our proofreading service is necessary for your text!

We regularly translate the following types of financial texts: reports, annual reports, key figures reports, investment information, bank statements, performance follow-ups, registration certificates, newsletters, contracts and insurance conditions.

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