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Diction, the translation agency, is your language partner regardless of whether you are in need of a translator, proofreader, copywriter or interpreter. Our translation agency is headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark. From our office, we have assisted our clients with translations since 2010 throughout the Nordic countries. In particular, we have specialised in translations to and from the Scandinavian languages which means that you can safely leave your translations to us and expect to get back correct and fluent translations. In order to ensure that you get the highest quality of translations, we have collected the best translators in the business. We rely exclusively on mother tongue translators, and all texts are quality controlled by proofreadings which are performed by a second professional. Diction delivers quality language solutions to both companies and private individuals, and we look forward to helping you as well.

Facts about Diction

  • Translates millions of words annually for businesses and private clients
  • Serves more than 2,000 clients each year
  • Uses the latest cloud-based translation technology on the market
  • Employs approximately 15 full-time translators each month
  • Has a staff of 10 at the Copenhagen office
  • Founded in 2010 by Martin Boberg (CEO) and Frederik Andersen
  • Headquartered in Copenhagen
  • An entirely privately owned company
  • The company has constantly grown since it was founded

Our offices are located at Gammeltorv 6, 3rd floor, 

DK-1457 Copenhagen.

Martin Boberg
Chief Executive Officer - Denmark
Claus Boberg
Chief Financial Officer - Denmark
Jessika Rasmussen
Project Manager - Denmark
Miriam Madsen Krane
Project Manager - Norway
+47 4019 8040
Martina Gustafsson
Project Manager - Sweden
+46 073 567 18 63
Aske Hansen
Cloud System Engineer
+45 2227 7016
Jens Preisler
+45 2227 7016
Amalia Boberg
Head of Social Media
+45 27 11 69 41
Julie Munkø
Recruitment Specialist - Denmark
+45 22277016
Rebecka Axelsson
Project Coordinator - Sweden
+46 073 567 18 63
Filip Nagel Fryland Lauritsen
Ada Ommedal Matic
Project Coordinator - Norway
+47 4019 8040
Saumya Sellamaran
+45 2227 7016

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Diction ApS
Gammeltorv 6, 3rd floor
1457 Copenhagen
+45 2227 7016
VAT No.: 35636455