We translate your texts to german. Quickly and efficiently for the best prices in Scandinavia.

We provide our clients with professional German translation at the best prices on the market


We help both private individuals and businesses with German translations and proofreading. We specialise in translation, but we also offer proofreading in German. Besides being specialists in translation, we pride ourselves with having the best prices. Therefore, we guarantee that we have the absolute best prices on the Scandinavian market.

German translation

We help our clients translating their texts from and into German. We specialise in the German language and especially its grammar, which can often prove to be very difficult, and the Germans do indeed pay attention to the details. Here, it may be even more important than usual to write as correctly as possible in the German language, so as to avoid any misunderstandings. We can assist with all types of translations and proofreading of German texts reads.

Native speakers ensure high quality translations

In order to ensure that our translations are of the highest quality, we first and foremost always use mother tongue translators. In other words, all our translators have German as their native language. In addition, they also have a high-level university education behind them. After the translation, another translator with similar qualifications will proofread the text, which is the last part of the process before the client receives it back. If there is a need for translation of a larger amount of German texts over a longer period of time, we are always able to provide the same translator every time.

German proofreading

We also offer German proofreading. If you have a text that needs to be proofread by a professional German translator, simply follow the same procedure on this website as if you need a translation. Our proofreaders make sure that all linguistic errors are fixed and that the text will be presentable to the recipient. In other words, it involves proofreading with Diction that looks at the German spelling, grammar, punctuation, and sentence building. If you have any special requests, please feel free to ask us.

Fast delivery of German texts

We pride ourselves in being your reliable partner when it comes to high priority translations. We strive to deliver flawless translation, so they live up to our clients’ expectations. Therefore, we put a lot of energy into being available throughout the process, and we always send the translation or proofreading back at the agreed time. Due to having many skilled and professional translators available all the time, we are always able to translate your German texts. Our flexibility is one of our absolute strongest sides, which means that we can always handle the linguistic challenges that your German texts may have.

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"We use Diction for translation of, among other things, product texts for several different Scandinavian languages. The delivery is quick, the translation is correct each time and the process is remarkably flexible. Then, of course, it also doesn’t hurt that the price is the most competitive we have seen."
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