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Diction offers professional translation in a variety of languages and lines of business. Every assignment we perform is beyond a specific word-by-word translation. We research the background of the text and use that research as our starting point when translating. In doing that, we pay special attention to the general message and rephrase it in the target language to the desired target audience.

One of the most important characteristics for a good translation is the target languages’ cultural and linguistic features. In order to adapt your text in the best way possible to your target group, it is essential that we have translators with experience in your particular line of business. That is why Diction has an extensive network of translators, so that we can provide you with the most accurate translation every single time.

Another key point in ensuring the quality of the translation is the proofreading process. At Diction, we believe that all translations should be proofread and edited by a sparring partner. We believe that we will achieve the most correct and accurate translations by letting two translators work together during the process. The sparring partner is always an experienced translator with a master’s degree in languages.

One other merit by leaving your translation to our translation agency is that you can send all your texts to one place, despite changing language combinations. For us, it is important that we can deliver our service at short notice without compromising the quality.

By choosing us to translate your texts, you are always guaranteed a quick delivery within a wide variety of language combinations. In addition, one must not forget the following support our translators provide in the shape of advice and explanations, if need be.

Affordable translation

Usually it is expensive to make use of a translation agency. But that is not the case with Diction. Not with our cut-price translation. Our low prices are possible as we have kept our costs to a minimum and assembled a group of highly skilled translators who are ready to assist you. All our translators are bilingual and translate into their mother tongue, after which another translator with the same skill set will review the text in order to make your translation as accurate as possible. Therefore, you will always be able to trust us with your texts. The quality of our texts is everything to us and our clients. That is why it is essential that we have a skilled proofreader to look through the texts once more. We do not return the texts to our clients until we are absolutely sure that the quality is good enough.

We believe it is completely necessary that the texts are reviewed and identified for errors, deficiencies and linguistic problems, in order for it to be absolutely perfect. After the translation has been done, and it has been quality checked, first then will we return the text so that it is ready to use immediately.

Delivery Time

We are a translation agency who is incredibly flexible with delivery times, regardless of having to deal with smaller or larger texts. The delivery time obviously depends on the size of the text, but in general please estimate around five working days for us to complete the job. With that said, we will often complete the job before that. Needless to say, in the case of large jobs (more than 50 pages), it may require longer time to complete the job. Apart from that, we also offer high priority texts, where we put everything else aside for you and immediately begin working on your job. Read more in “High priority texts”.

Minimum fee

No job is too small for us. For all jobs, we charge a minimum fee of EUR 59. However, if you do not have a large amount of text, you may want to collect your texts and have them translated all at once if possible. We want to get familiarised with the text as much as possible before it is proofread, and that is why we put aside a certain amount of time, even though the particular job is not very large.


A great deal of the texts we work with are texts which have not yet been published or have not been put into service. Therefore, it is of the utmost importance for many of our clients that the texts remain confidential. That is why we have taken all the necessary security precautions in order to reach complete confidentiality of the given texts, whether it needs to be translated or proofread.

In short, we strictly stick to the ethical rules of our line of business. All our translators are bound by a confidentiality and nondisclosure agreement. In that way we will always handle your translations in confidence, and therefore you can safely entrust your texts with us.

Quality check

We believe that it is absolutely critical that the translated text is reviewed and checked for errors, deficiencies and linguistic issues so that it is of the highest possible quality. After the translation has been thoroughly reviewed and we have ensured that it is as good as possible, we will send the text back to you so that you can start using it.

In order to ensure high-quality translations, we have a QA process that is always followed when recruiting new translators. The QA process ensures that our translators meet a number of strict criteria. In order to work as a translator for us, it is a requirement that the translator has at least a master’s degree or a similar level of academic achievement. All translators also submit a test translation that is reviewed by language experts during the recruitment process. Our translators must also be registered as self-employed in the countries they work from and they only translate into their native language.

List of languages

Translation of English texts

Diction is highly aware that there is a big difference between British English and American English, and therefore we always make a distinction according to the type of English the client wants. That is why we place great emphasis on having translators with us who master either British English or American English. It is a natural mistake to mix the two ways of writing English, which unfortunately ends up in an incorrect text. By entrusting a translation agency with the job, you will ensure that your text is completely customised to the particular audience you want the text to be read by. In addition, we can always rely on our own previous experience with many different lines of businesses that we have worked with over the years. Because of that, we are able to pass on the text to one of our translators who have experience in exactly your line of business.

Translation of German texts

Germany’s market is a large and important one, and due to the country’s geographical location, it has an enormous significance for many businesses. However, it is also a country where the grammar can be very elaborate and where exactness is a high priority among the Germans. Here, it may be more important that one gets the grammar as correctly as possible, so misunderstandings are avoided. We offer translation and proofreading of German texts. Please see price and more information about proofreading in the top menu.

Translation of French texts

We believe that goal-oriented communication to the French market is essential when doing business there. The tourism trade is huge in France and one of the major export markets for several Scandinavian countries. The French often prefer to stick to their own language. Therefore, it might be the only course of action to translate your texts into French. Prioritising the dialogue to run smoothly is vital, and we therefore do not recommend that you place your trust in the English language in these kinds of situations. All our translators have a higher education and plenty of experience with business-oriented texts. We offer translation and proofreading of French texts. Please see price and more information about proofreading in the top menu.

Translation of Swedish texts

Sweden has arguably one of the most important roles in the business community in Scandinavia. That is why the Swedish language is very significant in nearly every trading context in Scandinavia. Although Swedish has many of the same nuances and linguistic similarities as other Scandinavian languages, it is still important to distinguish the languages from each other. Therefore, it is paramount that you translate perfectly, since most Scandinavians are obsessed with accuracy and precision when it comes to their language. We have much experience in translating in several lines of businesses, and therefore you can safely entrust us with your texts that need to be translated into Swedish. We offer translation and proofreading of Swedish texts. Please see price and more information about proofreading in the top menu.

Translation of Norwegian texts

At first, the Norwegian language in many ways resembles, for example, the Danish language. If you still choose to use a Danish text in Norway, there will undoubtedly be many distracting phrases and words that will obscure the message from getting across in a clear way. Regardless of the line of business, whether it is agriculture, fishing or shipping to the energy sector, a professional translation could be very decisive for the Norwegians to fully understand your message. Diction is able to help you ensure the best quality and we will happily provide supplementary advice and guidance on how to change your text in the best ways possible. We offer translation and proofreading of Norwegian texts. Please see price and more information about proofreading in the top menu.

Translation of Finnish texts

The Finnish language is the Northern European language that differs most from other languages in Northern Europe. Therefore, you might need a professional hand when entering the Finnish market. The vast majority of Finns are in general quite good at English. That being said, if you want to pass on the message to as many people as possible in Finland, and as accurately as possible, a text in Finnish will be the best way of achieving that goal. Whether you choose to enter the Finnish market in telecommunications, production or electronics, we recommend that you start collaborating with a professional translation agency. That way, you will be fully equipped for the future linguistic and cultural challenges. We offer translation and proofreading of Finnish texts. Please see price and more information about proofreading in the top menu.

Translation of Italian texts

The majority of Italians both speak and understand the English language. However, Italy is a country with more than 60 million citizens and due to their loyalty towards their culture; it makes the Italians prefer to use their own language. Regardless of whether you intend to work with the automotive industry, the tourism industry or somewhere else, there is no doubt you will go furthest with correctly translated Italian texts. We offer translation and proofreading of Italian texts. Please see price and more information about proofreading in the top menu.

Translation of Portuguese texts

At Diction we keep ourselves well informed about developments with the world economy at all times, which quickly leads us to the Portuguese language. Portuguese is spoken in Portugal and in Brazil. Brazil is among the emerging BRIC countries, where the economy is growing. Portuguese covers a population of large numbers of inhabitants and with a wide range of markets that will be opened up in the future, we believe that Portuguese will be a very important language. If you are considering jumping on the bandwagon of new businesses that are on the rise in Brazil, you will benefit heavily from our services. With a professional translation agency that has Portuguese mother tongue translators available, you will be fully equipped to enter new business markets. We offer translation and proofreading of Portuguese texts. Please see price and more information about proofreading in the top menu.

Translation of Russian texts

Russian is spoken by more than 140 million people, and even more if you include several of the former Soviet Republics. Russia is among the BRIC countries, where heavy economic progress is anticipated, and that opens up a wide range of new business opportunities. Russians very much prefer to communicate in their own language rather than in English. Therefore, it is natural to collaborate with a professional translation agency that can translate, proofread and rewrite your Russian texts, so you can pass on your message as accurately as possible.

Translation of Spanish texts

About 360 million people around the world speak Spanish, and that is why we always have a translator ready to translate your texts from or into Spanish. Spanish is often considered a difficult language to learn, because even one letter can change the meaning of the word, for example, when a word is inflected in singular/plural and masculine/feminine. That is why it is extremely important when communicating in Spanish that each letter is placed correctly. By getting your texts translated by a professional translation agency will without a shred of doubt benefit you in academic contexts and generally in situations where your message is supposed to be passed on in a professional manner.

Translation of Chinese texts

We have chosen to have Chinese as one of our languages we can translate from and into, because it is the most spoken language in the world due to the extremely high population in China. The main language of China is Mandarin, and it is spoken by approximately 850 million people around the world. Trade in China is very extensive, and though the Chinese mainly trade with the United States and Australia, there is also a great deal of trade between Europe and China. As a result thereof, Diction has chosen to assign skilled, professional Chinese translators, who speak and write Mandarin fluently, but who are also able to translate from and into other Chinese dialects.

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