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Frequently Asked Questions

If I reject a translation project, will this have any impact on my likelihood of receiving future offers?

No. Rejecting a project will not typically have any impact on your future working relationship with Diction.

Where can I work from as a translator?

You are free to decide for yourself where in the world you want to work. Our only requirement is that you have access to a computer and an Internet connection.

How is the rate for a translation project determined?

The amount paid to a translator per project is calculated on the basis of price per word excluding VAT. The rate per word will vary depending on the specific language combination used in the project. An additional bonus may also be added depending on the complexity of the text in question. For example, medical, legal and technical translations will all command a higher rate.

What kinds of projects can I expect to receive as a translator?

We translate a variety of different text types. You could be asked to translate anything from marketing texts and websites to books, certificates and much more. We therefore recommend that you let us know if you have any special experience translating particular types of texts. You can always choose to turn down a project offered by Diction if you feel that it does not match your area of expertise.

What CAT tools does Diction use?

We use Memsource and XTRF. You do not need to pay anything to use these tools as we will send you a link that will give you access.

Can I begin receiving projects immediately after registering as a freelance translator with Diction?

Diction cannot guarantee how many projects you will be offered or when. It all depends on the demand from our clients. There may be periods when you get offered lots of projects, and others when there are very few available. Should you be unable to accept a project you can always turn it down, and similarly you can also let us know in advance if you expect to have extra capacity during a certain period in order to increase your chances of being offered an assignment.

Can I work full time as a translator for Diction?

Diction has several freelance translators who practically work full time on tasks exclusively for Diction. The vast majority of our translators take on projects which can vary in duration – ranging from just a few hours of work through to several weeks (and in some cases even several months). The number of requests we receive varies greatly depending on the language combination. Ask your project manager at Diction how much work we receive within your particular language combination.

Do I need a qualification or degree in order to register as a freelance translator with Diction?

Yes. Here at Diction, we expect all our linguists to hold a Master’s degree or equivalent qualification in order to be considered as a freelance translator. In certain cases, a Bachelor’s degree together with several years’ experience as a professional translator may be sufficient, if you do not have a Master’s degree. This will be assessed on an individual basis from translator to translator.

Can I work as a freelance translator and get paid for projects without a CVR/VAT number?

Depending on which country you live in, a VAT number will normally be required.
In most cases, you will need to include your VAT number on the invoices you submit to Diction. As a self-employed freelancer, you draw up your own invoices and report your earnings to your local tax authority. In the Scandinavian countries, you will typically be able to get a CVR number (VAT number) relatively quickly.

Read more about getting a CVR number in Denmark (opens in a new window).

Depending on which country you live in, you might not require a CVR number (VAT number). Ask your point of contact at Diction if you are in any doubt. In practice, you will not need your CVR number until you draw up and submit your first invoice as a freelancer. It is therefore sufficient in your initial application to simply let us know that you have applied for a CVR number.

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