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Diction offers translation and proofreading in many language combinations, including Finnish. We have many skilled and qualified translators affiliated to us who are experienced in Finnish translation and proofreading. We pride ourselves in being able to provide a fast and excellent service, as well as being among the cheapest translation agencies in Scandinavia.

Finnish translation

Our Finnish mother tongue employees translate into Finnish from many different languages, and we also have a large number of translators who can translate to other languages from Finnish. The number of people speaking Finnish in Scandinavia besides Finland is very low, which is why it is important to have a translation agency that has many qualified Finnish translators. Diction can therefore help you with any Finnish translation.

Native speakers ensure high quality translations

As a principle, we only use mother-tongue translators at Diction. That means all texts that are translated into Finnish will be translated by a professional translator, who was born and raised in Finland. In addition, we also require that the translator has completed a high-level education in Finland and that they have previous experience with translating. Only the most skilled translators are good enough for Diction. Not only that, but the text will also be sent to another translator, who proofreads the text. That ensures a quality translation. If there is a need for translation of a larger amount of Finnish texts over a longer period of time, we are always able to provide the same translator every time. It guarantees that the terminology remains the same across the texts.

Finnish proofreading

We also offer Finnish proofreading. Whether you need to publish an article, submit a job application or an important project to your school, it is paramount that the language is correct, as it will send a clear signal to the recipient. Our Finnish proofreading includes an in-depth analysis of spelling, grammar, punctuation and sentence constructions. Then we fix the errors in such a way that you can choose to either accept or reject each and every change in, for example, Microsoft Word. We are also open to other procedures that might suit you better, as long as you let us know in advance.

Fast delivery of Finnish texts

Diction assures our clients that we deliver quickly and flawlessly. If you have a Finnish text that needs to be translated quickly, simply tell us when you want it completed by. We consider our flexibility to be one of our greatest attributes, because then we are always able to meet our clients’ needs. Furthermore, we accept all kinds of assignments, regardless of the linguistic challenges your texts may have.

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High quality

We rely exclusively on experienced mother tongue translators, so you are guaranteed a quality translation.

Fast delivery

We can, depending on the amount of the text, have the translation ready on the same day.

Our customers

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“We use Diction for translation of, among other things, product texts for several different Scandinavian languages. The delivery is quick, the translation is correct each time and the process is remarkably flexible. Then, of course, it also doesn’t hurt that the price is the most competitive we have seen.”
Christian Birksø
“We have often used Diction and gotten technical texts which require an insight into construction engineering terminology translated. The translations that we have gotten back have always been correct and of a high quality. Beyond that, the price has also been very reasonable.”
Alexander Wulff
Chief Marketing Officer

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We speak many languages

Diction consists of a large team of specialised translators and is the preferred translation partner for several Scandinavian and international companies. We translate texts to and from all European languages and specialise in the Nordic languages.

Your professional translation agency

Diction, the translation agency, is your language partner regardless of whether you are in need of a translator, proofreader, copywriter or interpreter. Our translation agency is headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark. From our office, we have assisted our clients with translations since 2010 throughout the Nordic countries. In particular, we have specialised in translations to and from the Scandinavian languages which means that you can safely leave your translations to us and expect to get back correct and fluent translations. In order to ensure that you get the highest quality of translations, we have collected the best translators in the business. We rely exclusively on mother tongue translators, and all texts are quality controlled by proofreadings which are performed by a second professional. Diction delivers quality language solutions to both companies and private individuals, and we look forward to helping you as well.