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Diction also undertakes professional certified translations for businesses and private individuals. A certified translation may be required in connection with, for example, powers of attorney, contracts, marriage certificates, examination certificates and diplomas, or other documents to be used for official purposes.


In other words, this simply means that the certified translator (also known as a sworn translator) has taken an oath before a court and confirmed with their signature, statement and translator stamp that the translation is a true and accurate representation of the source text. As with our regular translators, all certified translators are sworn to secrecy, which means that all material will be treated in confidence.


Diction can receive your documents either by post or by e-mail. It depends entirely on what is most convenient for you. However, you will receive the final certified translation by post, as it contains a certified stamp and the signature of the translator. Before we post the final document to you, we will send you a draft of the translation, so you have the opportunity to review it before we stamp and send it to you. In this way, we ensure no errors or misunderstandings occur that could potentially delay the process.


In some instances a further legalisation of the certified translation by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark may be required. Here the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will confirm that the signature is authentic and equally that the certified translator has met the necessary requirements to bear the title of sworn translator. A legalisation is often necessary when the text is to be used in another country. We recommend that you always contact the other country’s embassy or government authority before deciding whether the translation should be legalised. Legalisations can be attained at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Asiatisk Plads in Copenhagen K, either in person or by post. If for various reasons you are not able to do this, Diction offers this service as well.


Call us on tel: +45 2227 2868 or send us an e-mail to: [email protected] to receive a non-binding offer for an English translation or proofreading project. 

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Diction, the translation agency, is your language partner regardless of whether you are in need of a translator, proofreader, copywriter or interpreter. Our translation agency is headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark. From our office, we have assisted our clients with translations since 2010 throughout the Nordic countries. In particular, we have specialised in translations to and from the Scandinavian languages which means that you can safely leave your translations to us and expect to get back correct and fluent translations. In order to ensure that you get the highest quality of translations, we have collected the best translators in the business. We rely exclusively on mother tongue translators, and all texts are quality controlled by proofreadings which are performed by a second professional. Diction delivers quality language solutions to both companies and private individuals, and we look forward to helping you as well.
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