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Powerful translations to the green Danish company Clever

The Danish company Clever is at the forefront of the green transition with their innovative solutions for charging electric cars. Diction has continuously helped Clever with the translation of texts and continues to support their mission of accessible green energy and establishing 10,000 new charging points by the end of 2025.

Growth requires translation

Clever is, just like Diction, a growing Danish company with big ambitions and at the forefront of a developing market defined by innovation. Clever works for sustainable mobility across Denmark and, with their international partnerships, the entire world. This requires intelligent and targeted communication in several languages, and this is where Diction can help.

Diction has worked with Clever on translating guides, analyses as well as app and web texts from Danish to English, German, Norwegian and Swedish, which helps Clever operate internationally. Other important jobs that Diction has done for Clever include translating terms and conditions, marketing material and internal teaching material into several languages.

One constant priority for Diction is ensuring that the translation will support the original purpose of the text. The translation is targeted at the specific market and language area that the costumer wishes to communicate to. Diction has experts in hundreds of different language combinations. The texts translated for Clever have consisted of industry specific terms concerning the advanced technology of electric cars and charging equipment. That is why Diction always uses translators and proofreaders with knowledge of the specific industry that a translation concerns. This, along with using the best translation technology around today, guarantees that Diction provides a translation without misunderstandings.

Diction and the green transition

For companies like Clever, it is of great value to have easy access to accurate and fast translation for various types of texts. At the same time, the service has to be efficient, and the process of ordering and delivery must be smooth.

“Sharp translations combined with extensive industry knowledge are important to succeed internationally. This is true in our global partnerships and in international initiatives, which should ensure the best costumer experience across borders. That is why we are very satisfied with the precision of the translations and the running partnership that we have with Diction.” says Henrik Skyggebjerg, head of communications at Clever.

Together, Diction and Clever have made Clever’s brand, vision and costumer experience accessible to an international audience, and thereby spread the green, environmental-friendly message and mission of Clever.

“As our collaboration with Clever shows, we enjoy helping companies contribute to the green transition. Our translators with industry knowledge, the many language combinations and our fast delivery time are all factors in us being the ideal language service provider.” says Martin Boberg, CEO of Diction.

If your business operates in the field of sustainability, green energy or similar and has a need for translation, Diction would love to hear from you. You can contact us here and learn more about the cost and how we can help you.

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Our reviews

We use Diction for translation of, among other things, product texts for several different Scandinavian languages. The delivery is quick, the translation is correct each time and the process is remarkably flexible. Then, of course, it also doesn’t hurt that the price is the most competitive we have seen.
Christian Birksø
Christian Birksø
We have often used Diction and gotten technical texts which require an insight into construction engineering terminology translated. The translations that we have gotten back have always been correct and of a high quality. Beyond that, the price has also been very reasonable.
Alexander Wulff
Alexander Wulff

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