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Diction’s clients: Momondo

13 May, 2016

Helping Momondo to attract clients


Momondo is surely becoming a familiar name to most people when it comes to finding the cheapest and best travel destinations. It is not a travel agency, but a free online service that compares travel agencies and airline ticket prices. The company was founded in 2006, and since then, they have added all kinds of different features to their website, such as price comparison of travel deals, hotels and car rental. Momondo is expecting to double their revenue every year until 2016.

The Challenge

Momondo contacted us to see if we were available to translate some texts into Portuguese that described various travel destinations on their website. Momondo told us that they had studied the translation market in Denmark and had chosen us as the most flexible translation agency in relation to quick delivery, prices and large variety of language combinations. Momondo’s texts usually have a more natural language usage, compared to many of the technical and academic texts we usually receive, and Momondo’s texts are meant to sell various travel destinations to visitors on their website, using a fluent and alluring language.

The Solution

Although it was necessary to obtain a perfect Portuguese translation, they also had to capture the right mood. Translations with this type of language and purpose required a different approach than for the majority of jobs we receive. To fulfil the client’s requirements, we found one of our most suitable Portuguese translators who has great flair for this kind of texts. Momondo did not just receive flawless translations, but also texts that served other purposes. The result was a more poetic-sounding translation rather than a formal-sounding translation, which made sure that Momondo could attract a lot of new clients with these destination descriptions.

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