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Diction’s clients: Aller Media

09 May, 2016

Linguistic support to 500,000 words in German, Spanish, Dutch, Norwegian and French


Aller Media is the largest publisher of weekly and monthly magazines and has over 2000 employees in Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland. They publish 729,000 magazines every week, and more than two million Danes read one of Aller Media’s magazines every week. Their broad portfolio of magazines includes: “Se og Hør”, “Billed-Bladet”, “Familie Journal”, “Ude og Hjemme” and “Femina”. Aller Media has, according to FDIM’s listings, 31 million page views every month, partly because they have made their magazines available on iPad and iPhone, and they have also contributed in the development of various apps for smartphones and tablets. That equals an annual turnover of approximately 500 million EUR.

The Challenge

Aller Media was in the process of developing a new app, a tactical game for your mobile device. The game is about spelling your way out of the opponent’s base. Since many of the words were computer generated, Aller Media needed a trustworthy partner who was able to proofread more than 500,000 words in their Norwegian, Spanish, Dutch, French and German databases, so that their players don’t come across errors while playing. Each word should therefore be double-checked in a dictionary for each of the five countries’ languages in just 30 days.

The Solution

Needless to say, quality checking half a million words in five different languages is a lot of work. It was therefore crucial that we optimised our internal coordination work in order to work as efficiently as possible. The project had to be done in a short amount of time, which is why we quickly had to brief our team so they could begin working right away. By working quickly and efficiently, we managed to finish the assignment before the deadline and, of course, within the budget.

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