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03 April, 2024

Korrekturselskabet receives Børsen Gazelle company award

Korrekturselskabet ApS receives Børsen Gazelle company award

Every year, the Danish financial newspaper Børsen selects companies from across Denmark, who have shown exceptional and rapid growth, to receive their prestigious Gazelle award. In December 2023, Korrekturselskabet ApS was proud to be among the recipients of this honour.

Since it was founded in 2016, Korrekturselskabet and its proofreaders have provided specialist proofreading services for both individuals and businesses. Korrekturselskabet was acquired by Diction ApS in 2023, and since then the company has continued to operate as an independent brand, complementing the language services Diction provides.

A thriving Jutland-run language business

Martin Boberg, CEO of Diction (and Korrekturselskabet), was thrilled to learn that Korrekturselskabet had received the Gazelle award:

“It's quite a coincidence that Korrekturselskabet received a Gazelle award following its acquisition by Diction. This recognition underscores the fact that Korrekturselskabet is a solid company, firmly rooted in strong Jutlandic principles, and we are eager to expand upon this strong foundation. The people behind the company are paramount, and Martin Handberg, as the head of Korrekturselskabet, has played a pivotal role in the company's growth, which is the cornerstone of the Gazelle award,” Martin explains.

Similarly, the founder of Korrekturselskabet, Martin Handberg, was delighted with the award: “To be honest, I was rather relaxed about it all, as it wasn't our primary motivation. That being said, I am pleased with the award, which I'll proudly display in my home office as a symbol of how far we’ve come”

Third Gazelle award for the Diction group

With Korrekturselskabet receiving a Gazelle award in 2023, this marks the third time the Diction group has been recognised with such an honour. Diction ApS was also named a Gazelle company in 2018 and 2019.

According to Martin Boberg: “We anticipate a continued demand for proofreading services from students, businesses and public sector customers in the future, and our goal is to maintain our position as the preferred choice for proofreading in Denmark. We've streamlined our internal processes and expect to continue operating Korrekturselskabet to facilitate further growth in the future.

Following the acquisition of Korrekturselskabet, Diction has increased its focus on providing proofreading services in addition to translation. More recently, we have been actively offering proofreading services to existing customers throughout the Diction Group - including the Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish and Icelandic divisions.

About Korrekturselskabet ApS

Korrekturselskabet ApS hosts the websites www.studiekorrektur.dk and www.erhvervskorrektur.dk. Since 2016, Korrekturselskabet has provided proofreading services to over 10,000 private customers and business clients such as the Danish Ministry of Education and the Danish Evaluation Institute. Both websites offer online platforms that enable customers to easily request, purchase, and receive their completed proofread projects.

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The translation agency Diction ApS has acquired Korrekturselskabet ApS, a company that specialises in providing proofreading services to business and private customers via two websites: www.studiekorrektur.dk for students and www.erhvervskorrektur.dk for businesses.

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