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27 September, 2023

Diction acquires Korrekturselskabet

The translation agency Diction ApS has acquired Korrekturselskabet ApS, a company that specialises in providing proofreading services to business and private customers via two websites: www.studiekorrektur.dk for students and www.erhvervskorrektur.dk for businesses. This marks a redoubling of Diction’s expertise within proofreading and an expansion of the language services they are able to offer their customers.

Greater demand for proofreading among customers

Both Diction and Korrekturselskabet have noticed a growing demand for proofreading services among customers. Korrekturselskabet will remain an independent brand for the time being, and its Director Martin Handberg shall become Head of the Proofreading Department here at Diction.

Diction CEO Martin Boberg says of the acquisition:

“Korrekturselskabet and Diction complement each other’s services very naturally. Our specialisation at Diction is translation, while Korrekturselskabet has succeeded in becoming Denmark’s leading provider of proofreading services. Here at Diction, we are looking forward to expanding our reach within proofreading and realising the untapped potential that we believe Korrekturselskabet holds. Thanks to the fact Diction has a presence in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland and Iceland, we will be able to internationalise our proofreading concept fairly quickly.”

Diction already offered proofreading services even before the acquisition, allowing for a smooth implementation and helping expand Korrekturselskabet’s capacity and volumes.

Korrekturselskabet’s growth journey

In the years since Korrekturselskabet ApS was first launched in 2014, the Danish company has provided proofreading services to over 4000 different customers. The company is run online via www.erhvervskorrektur.dk and www.studiekorrektur.dk, serving a wide range of customers that spans from students right through to government agencies and institutions. Korrekturselskabet collaborates with over 50 freelance proofreaders who Diction looks forward to welcoming to the team and continuing to work with.

Former CEO of Korrekturselskabet Martin Handberg says the following on the company’s future possibilities:

“Over several years, Korrekturselskabet has successfully anchored its business in Denmark and achieved huge visibility, and so plans to expand beyond Denmark’s borders have been a very possible Step 2 in the strategy. The new set-up will allow for this to happen in a natural way while also supporting the amazing journey that Diction has been on.”

Consolidating forces and using new technology

In a time of more and more technology and increased competition in the language industry, the time has come to join forces and prepare to welcome the future of the industry from the best possible position.

Martin Handberg says: “The goal for Korrekturselskabet has at all times been to operate a secure and agile business that can meet customers at their level and offer an authentic and attentive customer service. It has been a success story which is now ready to proceed to its next chapter and unleash yet greater potential in a larger context. As the director of Korrekturselskabet, I have been keeping abreast of the translation industry and following Diction’s journey very closely, at times in dialogue with Martin Boberg. We have come to the conclusion that the time is now ripe for both companies to continue their growth journeys together.”

Martin Boberg agrees and adds:

“There will be plenty of translation tools in the future, and so what we’ll really crave is new language aspirants, experts who can verify translations, add nuance and get creative with language. Our mission is to make it cool to work with languages, especially niche languages in a global context such as Danish, Icelandic and Greenlandic.”

Facts about Korrekturselskabet:
Websites: www.studiekorrektur.dk and www.erhvervskorrektur.dk
Turnover in 2022: DKK 3 million.
Profit for the year: DKK 1.2 million.
4000 customers
Started in 2014, founded in its current form in 2016.

The acquisition of Korrekturselskabet has been completed and the company is now operated as a part of Diction ApS. Korrekturselskabet can be found at www.erhvervskorrektur.dk and www.studiekorrektur.dk.

For press inquiries, contact CEO Martin Boberg at [email protected] or +45 22272868.

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