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20 February, 2024

Two hundred Icelandic clients in 2023

Two hundred Icelandic clients in 2023
The Icelandic branch of the translation agency Diction celebrated its first year on the market by the end of 2023. More than 200 Icelandic clients, comprising companies, private individuals and governmental institutions have chosen Diction as their language service provider. The Icelandic branch has also successfully managed to complete more than 360 various language projects in the first year. 

Icelanders are passionate about their language
“There is a great demand for high-quality translations in Iceland. Although rather few people speak and write Icelandic globally, Icelanders care a lot about their native language. The requirements are particularly high when it comes to translations into Icelandic and, therefore, many companies, institutions and individuals turn to professionals to carry out these kinds of projects,” says Andri Freyr Ríkarðsson, Project Manager at Diction Ísland.

66°North, Play airlines and Hagar among Diction’s clients
Despite being new on the market, Diction Ísland has already assisted many of the country’s largest companies with translation and proofreading projects. The clothing company 66°North, Play airlines and the leading retailer in the Icelandic market, Hagar, are among the first 200 clients. The Icelandic Transport Authority, the National and University Libraries of Iceland and the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Fisheries are also among those who have trusted their translation and proofreading projects to the branch.

Economic growth in Iceland
Martin Boberg, the founder of Diction, greatly looks forward to being part of the bright future of Iceland. “I’m very impressed by the economic development of Iceland in recent years. Icelanders have a unique history, and despite their geographical distance from the rest of Europe, they have successfully managed to be known worldwide. Diction would like to take part in this positive journey together with Iceland.”

Skjalaþýðing – a specialised service for legal translations 
To handle the high demand from Icelandic clients for certified translations, Diction have opened a subsidiary called Skjalaþýðing, which cooperates with many of the certified translators in Iceland and abroad. The subsidiary was made to divide up the focus points within the Icelandic branch to provide clients in-depth knowledge about special procedures for legal translation. For more information about Skjalaþýðing, visit Skjalathyding.is.

Rising demand for Polish translations
Unsurprisingly, the vast majority of translation, proofreading and copywriting projects at Diction Ísland are related to the Icelandic language. However, due to the rising presence of Polish inhabitants in Iceland, Diction has been experiencing a surprisingly high demand for help with translations to and from the Polish language. Therefore, Diction Ísland has adjusted their services to cover this demand and now has versatile translators who can complete all kinds of Polish language projects.

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